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This page represents an online version of the life science textbook in English. The textbook was originally written in Japanese as a printed version for Japanese students in the humanities course of the University of Tokyo. This online textbook is for foreign students and for Japanese students who would like to study life science in English. This page includes many colorful illustrations for further understanding.List of Authors


The 21st century is said to be an age of life science. This word - life science - refers to more than just biology: it also includes medicine, pharmacy, agriculture and other fields that deal directly with life science. Now that the analysis of biological phenomena is advancing at an exponential rate, life science is affecting various academic fields, which include not only engineering fields for applications of life science, but the humanities such as economics, education, literature, sociology, and law as well. In this “age of life science,” the knowledge and information about life science have a great impact on various aspects of everyday life. ...